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Listed below you will find many proven responsive target audiences...We have thousands of lists to choose from. If you have a list in mind not seen below, Ask us about the availability.


African-Americans, American Veterans, Automotive Owners, Auto Leases , Auto Loans, Subprime Auto Loans, Auto Parts, Auto Accessory Buyers, Ailments by Type, Asthmatics, Arthritics, Ailments with Type of Medication , Aircraft Owners, Astrology Enthusiasts, Architects, Attorneys, Accountants, Advertising agencies, Antique dealers, Art galleries, Auctioneers


Businesses selectable by type,employee size,sales volume, Business Executives,Small Businesses, Large Businesses, In-Home Businesses, New Businesses, Banks, Bars, Beauty salons, Barber shops, Boat owners, Baseball enthusiasts, Basketball enthusiasts, Bowling enthusiasts, Book lovers, Bird enthusiasts


Credit Card holders, Credit Card new issues, Credit Card seekers, Credit Card turn-downs, College Students, Cell Phone owners,Cell Phone numbers appended to your data, Contributors selectable by organization, Children by Age, Computer services, Casinos, Clergy, Churches, City government, Community services, Construction industry, Contractors,Collection agencies, Cruising enthusiasts, Contact lens wearers, Cooking enthusiasts, Cigar smokers


Debtors, Dentists, Doctors, Directors, Dieticians, Distributors, Dwelling types, Designers, Databases, Dog owners, Disabled, Diabetics, Denture wearers, Detectives, Department stores, Divorced individuals, Delivery services, Demographics, Direct marketers


Engineers by type, Exact Ages of individuals, Ethnic households,Email lists, Executives by title, Exporters, Energy conservation, Educational lists of teachers & schools, Electricians, E-Commerce, Employment agencies, Environmentalists


Farms, Farmers, Fashion designers, Federal government offices, Financing, Fishing enthusiasts, Flea markets, Fraternal organizations, Funeral directors, French households, Families with children, Football fans, Fitness enthusiasts, Flying enthusiasts, Frequent flyers, Foreign travelers, Female heads of household


Geologists, Golfers, Golf courses,Gamblers, Games lovers, Garden centers, Gardening enthusiasts, Gas stations, Gift shops, Grandparents, Gyms, Genders, Greek households, Gourmet food lovers


Homeowners, Heights & Weights of individuals, High blood pressure, Heartburn, Heart disease, Heart attack, Hemorrhoids, Headaches, Hearing loss, Hair loss, Health foods stores, Health spas, Healthy lifestyles, Hiking enthusiasts, Health services, Home Healthcare, Hospitals, Home builders, Home economists, Homemakers, Hobbyists, Hockey enthusiasts, Hunting enthusiasts, Horse lovers, High income earners, High rollers, Hispanic households


Importers, Immigration services, Insurance agents, Insurance agencies, Insurance adjusters, Insurance prospecting lists, Internet services, Investigators, Investment firms, Italian households, Irish households, Indian households, Interior designers, Investors in: stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, life insurance, CD, IRA, money markets, Investment property owners, Internet shoppers


Japanese Households, Jewelers, Jewelry shops, Jewelry shoppers, Junior colleges


Karate schools, Korean households, Key makers


Labor organizations, Laboratories, Landscape designers, Lawyers, Libraries, Lottery players, Length of residence, Long term are insurance prospects, Lenders name on mortgage data


Motorcycle owners, Movers new, Marriages new, Mothers new, Mortgages new, Mortgage holders, Mortgage refinance prospects, Mortgages by: amount,price,date,type,term ,Mail order buyers, Magazine readers, Medical professionals, Manufacturer, Music lovers, Mutual fund owners, Museums, Marketers, Military retired, Managers, Marital status, Millionaires,Middle Eastern households, Mature individuals,Medicare supplement prospects, Migraine sufferers, Macular degeneration,Mobile home owners


New Move-ins, New Homeowners, New Businesses, New Mothers, Newly Divorced, Newly Married, Net worth, Nurses, Notaries, Non-Profit organizations, Number of children, Native Americans households, Norwegians


Organizations, Occupational therapists, Office buildings, Opticians, Optometrists, Oil distribution,development, Occupations by type, Obese individuals, Owners of :cats,dogs, horses,birds,exotic pets, Online buyers, Outdoor enthusiasts


Plus-Size woman/men, Pakistani households, Polish households, Portuguese households, Pastors, Pilots, Principals, Publishers, Photographers, Public relations, Personnel, Painters, Pipe fitters, Plumbers, Printers, Property& Casualty Insurers, Parkinson disease, Power boating enthusiasts, Political Patriots:conservative/liberal, Pet owners, Presence of children , Podiatrists, Phone numbers


Renters, Realtors, Republicans, Ranches, Real Estate:buyers, appraisers, brokers, consultants, developers, investors, Religious:organizations, schools, goods, religions by type, Retail shops, Restaurants, Retirement:communities, homes, planning, Russian households, Retired military, Retired individuals, Residences, Respiratory problems, Recreational vehicle owners


Schools:by year, type, teachers, administrators, Students:by year,Senior citizens, Shoppers, Social services,Spas, Sporting goods, Sports enthusiasts, State government agencies, Social workers, Secretaries, Suburbanites, Skin ailments, Scrapbook lovers, Self-improvement enthusiasts, Sweepstakes entrants, Sewing lovers, Snowmobile owners, Stock investors, Science/Tech enthusiasts, Scuba divers, Skiing enthusiasts, Soccer interest, Swimming enthusiasts, Spanish speaking households, Smokers/cigars, cigarettes


Travel agents, Travel enthusiasts, Tattoo artists, Tax consultants, Telemarketing:services, companies, Telephone lists, Television:cable, services, repair, rental,dealers, Thai households, Turkish households, Therapists, Technicians, Teachers, Trainers, Typists, Timeshare owners, Tennis lovers, TV shoppers, Telephone numbers, Techno savvy


Upholstery services, Utility companies, Ukrainian households, Underwriters, Unions, Urban dwellers, Upside down mortgages, Ulcerative colitis, Urinary tract problems, US travelers, Upwardly mobile, Upscale households


Vacationers, Vacuum cleaner sales& service, Vending machines, Video games, production,services, Veterans, Veterinarians, Vitamin/health conscience individuals, Visually impaired, Vietnamese households


Working Woman, Wine enthusiasts, Weight conscious, Wholesalers, Walking enthusiasts, Wildlife environmentalists, Woodworking enthusiasts, Wedding services,chapels, Writers, Wrecking services


X-ray technicians X-ray services,


Young professionals, Young investors, Youth services, Yugoslavian households, Years of age household selectable by






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