Permission based prospect email campaigns allow you to target prospects who have each opted to receive third party marketing offers. Your marketing efforts can be molded to reach over 21 million consumers via their email in-box pairing the frequency of mass market advertising  with the targetability of direct mail. You control the creative message and the distribution is launched by a third party source which measures and analyzes your marketing effort and supplies you with the true" ROI " (return on investment ) of your marketing campaign. Usage of the database gives you the ability to select and reach  these consumers both geographically & demographically which in turn creates the most responsive audience for your particular offer or service.

Possible demographic selections include:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Homeowner
  • Gender
  • Children
  • Length of Residence
  • Credit Card users
  • Mail order or Online buyers
  • Various Lifestyle selects
  • Ethnic
  • Religious
  • Zip Code, Scf, County, State selects Geographically
  • Telephone numbers & Postal address available

 100% Can-Spam compliant

A word about email marketing & the Can Spam act of 2003

What to look for:

  • Legitimate email marketers accurately & clearly state the senders name
  • The "Subject Line"states that the email is an advertisement
  • Message content is consistent with the text in the "Subject" line. The message also will include the senders valid postal address & a working return email address as a way for the consumer to decline to receive further messages

What to look OUT for:

  • The "From "line is ambiguous & does not clearly identify the sender of the email
  • The "Subject" line is misleading and does not make it clear that the email is a commercial advertisement.
  • The "Message " text is Not consistent with the "Subject: line message
  • Message does not provide a valid postal address
  • Message does not provide any way for the recipient to decline to receive further commercial email from the sender

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