Our consumer databases contain over 13 million phone numbers which have been scrubbed against the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC (do-not-call ) and are available for telemarketing.

Phone numbers on the files are verified via:

  • Electronic Directory Assistance where name and address are looked up and compared against up-to-date regional Bell databases to confirm accuracy of names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Syndicated Research and Telephone Analysis which validates data elements and recency through matching of records against syndicated research files and telephone validations.

Two telephone options are available for telephone marketers::

  • 1.) Names cleansed against the National Do Not Call Registry where the "Do-Not-Call " telephone numbers are excluded

Records from the registry are accessed approximately every 2 weeks and the telephone numbers of  those individuals who have added their telephone number to the registry are tagged. Every effort is made to suppress these names from the data files, however, due to timing and various compilation and processing methods, it is not possible to guarantee that all "Do-Not-Call" telephone numbers have been identified or suppressed.

In order for a marketer to access phone numbers from any consumer data file, they must obtain a  Subscription Account Number (SAN# ) . For information pertaining to obtaining a SAN#, please visit , www.telemarketing.donotcall.gov. , or for general information ,visit, www.ftc.gov/donotcall and http://www.fcc.gov/

  • 2.) Names Not Cleansed against the National "Do-Not-Call " registry,  where telephone numbers are included and are available for telemarketing for a select group of "Non-Profit Organizations and "Political " telemarketers.

As a marketer, it is your obligation to be aware of and comply with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations and guidelines. Businesses should consult with an attorney regarding any questions about privacy laws and regulations. For more information about privacy laws please contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Direct Marketing Assoc., to name a few resources.

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